The formula which empowers us to Make a Difference




True warriors live by certain values and principles that guide how they conduct themselves on and off the battlefield. In the chaos of any contest, it’s vital that we are guided by such values. The military calls this guidance the Warrior Ethos. This warrior code emphasizes that a soldier never accepts defeat and is based on values like Honor, Courage, Commitment, Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Integrity, and Discipline.





These are the heavenly virtues and consist of the four classic virtues of Temperance, Justice, Fortitude, and Wisdom, plus the theological virtues of Hope, Faith, and Love. These divine virtues encourage the heart and mind toward good. They are the highest standard of ethical and moral excellence, and as attributes of God, they represent the divine character. A character we should all try to emulate and thereby make a better world.




The combination of soldier values and saintly virtues equals heroic virtue. In other words, having a military mindset plus a Kingdom mindset gives you hero virtue. Raw earthly values plus refined heavenly virtues. The mix of the warrior code and the divine character enable each of us to be a hero like the wise and mighty of long ago.

These values and virtues are a primary part of the image by which we were created. God’s image is within you. Let hero virtue rise up and be the everyday hero God wants you to be.