I did not do well in the first half of 2020.

I wasn’t able to display heroic virtue during the coronavirus lockdown. There wasn’t a whole lot of opportunities for valor in my living room. There were no bad guys except those on Netflix. The only danger was boredom and the only needy person in the house was me when I got hungry.

And I didn’t display any heroic qualities during the race riots. It wasn’t appealing to watch people pretend concern over racial injustice while stealing TVs out of Target and Walmart. The bravery of the rioters did impress me though. They consistently violated Covid-19 safety guidance. Or could it be they knew those fear-producing policies were a deep state hoax?

I have a convenient excuse. “They” forced me to be a recluse. And I wasn’t the only one to withdraw from the mainstream of civilized life. The spirit of fear, and then anger, prevented many of us from doing anything virtuous or valiant the first half of 2020.

Yes, there is racism and hatred in America, but it’s a spiritual matter. The devil not only wants to divide our nation, he also wants to destroy her. When hell is moving on the earth, we need to be motivated by heaven. God is looking for those who will not think as flesh thinks, but as the Spirit leads.

Our hearts need to be filled with godly love and wisdom and we need to see with spiritual eyes. We need to ‘see’ and ‘value’ everyone we encounter–just as Jesus did–especially those different from us.

In the same way a prophet is not honored in his hometown, a hero is not honored when stuck in his home. To be a hero I have to interact with others and serve them. I have to build up rather than tear down. I must stand in the gap against racism and foolishness every day because all lives matter.

And only then will the second half of the year be better.

* Petition:  Dear Lord, give us the coaching we need so we are victorious in the second half. Amen.


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