MISSION STATEMENT:  TO CREATE HEROES                                                                                                                     WHO MAKE AN EVERYDAY DIFFERENCE.

As an Army chaplain for 27 years, I taught soldiers about the Army’s core values. Warrior values are the foundation of the Profession of Arms. As an ordained minister with a Master of Divinity degree, I was knowledgeable about divine virtues. Heavenly virtues are the basis for canonization to sainthood.

After I retired, I realized mixing the warrior values of the nations with the divine virtues of heaven gives us the ideal character. The true hero. The saintly champion. St. Augustine called it heroic virtue and attributed the term to the early Christian martyrs who valiantly faced death instead of giving up their faith.

I made the term more contemporary by calling it ‘hero virtue’ and I believe it is the highest, most comprehensive virtue in the universe. It can empower an ordinary person to do extraordinary things. It enables each of us to be an everyday hero.

It’s time to develop qualities like Courage, Commitment, and Compassion. The world needs all the heroes it can get.

I hope you enjoy my blog and make the choice to let hero virtue rise up in you. Make a difference by being the hero God wants you to be.

Garry Dale

November 1, 2017