A homeless man in Kansas City named Dave Cochran is being blessed with deliberate acts of kindness thanks to his random act of kindness. It’s a ripple effect of collateral kindness.

Last weekend, as a winter storm hit the Kansas City area, Cochran was helping strangers along Highway 40 by pulling their cars out of the snow.

In an interview with CBS affiliate KCTV, Cochran explained how “I want to give back” by rescuing people with his Chevy Suburban. “I rolled down my window and I asked them if they needed help,” he said. “They said, ‘Yeah! We’re trying to get to the game.’“ He pulled out five cars without asking for a dime.

Unbeknownst to Cochran, he helped one stranded motorist get to an important engagement. The driver was Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Jeff Allen, whose car was stuck in the snow on his way to the Chiefs playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Cochran, who lives out of his 1995 Suburban, towed Allen’s BMW from the snow and up a hill. Allen made it in time to play the game and the Chiefs won 31-13. Allen wanted to thank the Good Samaritan with tickets to the upcoming AFC Championship game but he didn’t know how to contact him. He only knew him as “Dave,” so he went on social media to try to find him.

Photo: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

After a bunch of people claimed to be Dave, Allen finally found the real Good Samaritan and offered him three tickets to the first AFC Championship Game played in Kansas City. It’s a great prize because Cochran is a life-long Chiefs fan and has never been to a game.

“I actually started bawlin’ man, out of happiness and excitement.”

Cochran has had a troubled life, including doing time in prison for seven years and recovering from alcoholism and drugs. He’s a fine example of how the seeds of heroic virtue can rise up in anybody when they choose to be selfless.

“If I can lend a helping hand, maybe they can reach out to other people and do the same.”

Justin Manford, a Marine veteran, started a GoFundMe account for Cochran and it’s amazing how quickly donors responded. The fund’s $10,000 goal was achieved in less than a day.

Cochran’s good deed also inspired others in Kansas City to engage in acts of kindness. They repaired his busted car windows, gave him new winter clothes, offered free dental work and help finding a job.

Those gracious people, along with Jeff Allen and Justin Manford, are everyday heroes just like Dave Cochran. It doesn’t take much for collateral kindness to flourish.

And it doesn’t take much to activate it. One simple selfless act.

* Petition:  Dear Lord, help me to be a catalyst for collateral kindness in my community.

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