Freedom of speech is a wonderful right we have thanks to the Founding Fathers, but what good is it, if our speech is laced with half-truths? We live in the Age of Information, yet much of it is misinformation.

It’s hard to find an honest voice in the news media or progressive Left.

When a certain actor chose to commit a hate crime hoax, Fake News and racist politicians immediately believed his every word and promoted the story across the nation. Trump supporters in Chicago were accused of a “modern day lynching.”

The unknown actor is now a world famous liar.

Honesty refers to that part of moral character which confronts lying, cheating, and stealing. To be honest means to be truthful, upright, and even-handed. When we are honest we build trust and enable others to count on us to keep our word.

Immoral people make excuses for dishonest behavior and often see dishonest behavior as acceptable. They also expect us to speak through a politically correct filter–which is the progressive way of enticing us to be dishonest.

Honesty is manifested by speaking truth and by presenting oneself in a genuine way. Honest people tend to be open and transparent with their thoughts and feelings, being careful not to mislead by the things they say or omit saying.

The philosopher Immanuel Kant said, “Honesty is better than all policy.”

People who live in the truth do the right thing not because it is convenient or because they have no other choice. They choose the path of truth because their character permits nothing less.

I know it’s cute to hear a five-year-old tell a fib. I imagine there’s a time in every kid’s life when they don’t speak the truth. Most children tell falsehoods because they want to avoid punishment or a parent’s anger. The danger of not correcting this deceptive habit is that it has a slippery slope.

If we let our kids get away with lying when they’re young, they will do it when they’re older, when the consequences are more serious. If little Johnny fibs now and we let him get away with it, he’s going to tell lies to his wife, children, friends, and boss when he’s a grown man.

And just because it’s a “little white lie” doesn’t make it more acceptable. If we get accustomed to being dishonest in the little things, we’ll get accustomed to being dishonest in the big things.

Dishonesty adds nothing of value to our character and reputation. And when race-baiters promote hate crime hoaxes they affect the reputation of an entire nation.

* Petition:  Dear Lord, may we honor honesty rather than political correctness and media sensationalism.


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