It is noble to fight for a just cause. But remember to fight the system and not a person. Detest the lies and corruption, but not people. Great strength comes from overcoming the desire to hate and some of life’s best lessons are learned from the worst people.

If we want to honor God and our fellow man, we must develop what I call: Honorheart.

When we choose to conduct ourselves by an honor code, we contend for godly principles. We stand against racial bigotry (including anti-Semitism) and Fake News because honorable hearts support harmony and truth.

We confront Deep State subversion and the Socialist agenda because honorable hearts care about freedom and prosperity. We are counter-culture and against abortion because we care about morality and life.

But keep in mind, if we are to engage in earnest discussion and find meaningful solutions, we also need a heart focused on turning toward others and not away from them. A half-hearted attempt to treat neighbors with dignity and respect won’t cut it.

To put on Honorheart we must have the right attitude.

Attitude is a settled way of thinking toward a person or problem. It’s formed from our life experiences, reflected in our mood, and exhibited by our behavior.

Our attitude is like a dollar sign we place on the foreheads of others that shows how much we value them. If we value the person, then we display a respectful outlook toward them. If we deem them of little worth, then our attitude is less honoring.

Do we deem someone as having little worth because they disagree with us? Imagine all the wondrous things our hearts could embrace if they weren’t wrapped so tightly around our opinions.

Let’s be other-centered and make the choice to have Honorheart rather than a miserable heart. Because it’s not how people make us feel that counts; it’s how we make ourselves feel. We can either react indignantly toward others or act honorably.

We must remain positive when negativity surrounds us and smile when others try to bring us down. We can’t ever let someone else’s bitterness change who we are. We cannot retaliate with a vulgar voice–no matter how degrading the opposition is.

Let’s take one day at a time because we can all manage one day. People may be difficult, but have the courage each day to value them. Find the wisdom each day to present truth, and the strength each day to have the right attitude. In doing so, we will display Honorheart and achieve the righteousness of God.

* Petition:  Dear Lord, help us to remember that the only opinion that matters is Yours.


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