Tombs are normally full of death and decay. The tomb of Jesus Christ alone represents life. We are reminded of the challenge by the angels on Easter morning: “Why do you seek the living One among the dead?”

Yet many still ask where is the proof of life after death? People doubt the resurrection though they accept as fact the theory of evolution with all its gaping holes in the fossil record. The naysayers know the empty tomb is the very heart of the Christian faith. Without it, Christianity is nothing more than behavior modification.

Some believe it’s the greatest hoax perpetrated upon mankind. But the resurrection was attested to by hundreds of witnesses–even to the point of claiming Him as their risen Lord.

There were changed lives that resulted from the resurrection appearances. Peter changed from coward to martyr. Thomas changed from doubter to church planter. James changed from skeptic to Christian leader. And Paul changed from persecutor to apostle.

It totally transformed the first company of disciples, who hid behind locked doors during His crucifixion, into a band of champions after He was risen. All but one of them was to die a martyr’s death in proclaiming the gospel.

No man will die for what he knows is a lie. The disciples knew the tomb was empty. Not just because Jesus had foretold of it, but because of what they saw with their own eyes.

What inspired thousands to turn the world upside down that first century? To willingly leave loved ones and cross dangerous seas and deserts, to risk suffering and death in their zeal to win souls for Christ.

It could never have been a dead leader. It had to be the living Christ.

It was the historical fact of the resurrection. The eternal truth of a risen Savior. It was the victory over sin and death promised to mankind long ago. That’s good news!

* Petition:  Father, we thank You that the same resurrection power lives in us. Amen!

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