Are you a person of heroic virtue? Do you have the courage to cultivate a culture of heroism in your life? Can you honor others? Take this test to see how hero-ready you are.

*Do you agree with the following statements?

  1. I treat others the way I want to be treated.
  2. When I give my word to do something, others know I will keep my word.
  3. I am willing to defend the helpless and protect the defenseless.
  4. I am polite and respectful to the elderly and those in authority.
  5. I am willing to risk embarrassment and failure to help another person.
  6. I live by a code of conduct demonstrated by integrity and responsible behavior.
  7. I don’t lie, deceive, nor manipulate the truth to ‘save face.’
  8. I am willing to sacrifice my own personal concerns for a greater good.
  9. Instead of judging the appearance of others, I look for the good in their character.
  10. Wisdom and compassion are just as important as bravery to an everyday hero.
  11. Others would describe me as having an honorable reputation.
  12.  When good people stand by and do nothing during a crisis, evil will prevail.
  13.  I will defend to the death my family and my nation against all enemies.
  14.  I do the right thing even when no one is looking.
  15. A hero stands out from the crowd of gawking bystanders and answers the call to action.

If you could not agree with these statements, then you have bought into today’s dishonoring culture and comic book hero fanaticism.

If you did agree, then you can thrive in a counter-culture of heroism. You have the desire to be an everyday hero. You have the mindset of the wise and mighty and hero virtue resides in you.